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Calendar Event Form for campus use. Please complete and submit for approval.
Complete this form to request use of church facilities for private / non-church events.
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Facility Use Agreement

The undersigned representatives of Community Church (hereafter referred to as CC) and the organization or individual making the request (hereinafter referred to as Guest) agree to the following Terms of Use Agreement in consideration for the privilege of using the described facility/facilities. This agreement is to be used for all non-church sponsored activities.
1. The activities of the using person or group must contribute to the welfare of CC or the community. Furthermore, the using person or group’s practices and beliefs while on our campus must be compatible with the practices an beliefs of CC.
2. A signed “Use Agreement” shall be delivered to an authorized representative of CC along with any Facility Usage Fees, Contract Labor Fees or Deposits. All fees and deposits are to be paid in full at least forty-eight (48) hours before use of the facilities. Said payments and deposits should be made payable to Community Church. All documents should be mailed to Community Church, PO Box 1413, Guthrie, OK 73044, dropped by the church office or hand delivered to a designated representative of CC.
3. Usage Fees are waived for active members of the church and approved non-profit groups as long as the member or group has a good working relationship with CC and a history of leaving the facilities clean and neat after EACH use. A refundable key deposit of $25 per key and a refundable cleaning/security deposit of $150 are required for all groups unless grandfathered.
4. Contract Labor Fees are to offset expenses associated with hiring technical or special skills individuals (i.e. Sound, Lighting, or video technicians) authorized by CC.
5. Keys, Building Access & Alarm: No key is to be shared or duplicated. The alarm code is not to be shared. When the event is over, all perimeter doors of the building being used, regardless of whether the entire building was used, are to be check and locked.
6. Children: All children on church property must be under adult supervision.
7. Consumables: Unless otherwise agreed upon, all consumables such as cups, napkins, plates, plastic ware, coffee, and tea are not part of this agreement. Only Ice is available for use at no cost.
8. Decorations: All decorations used must be flameproof and shall not be attached to fixed portions of the facilities without specific approval in writing. Decorations must not damage the facilities or furnishings in any way. The user must remove all decorations when finished using the facilities.
9. Candles: Candles are not permitted unless for ceremonial use. If used, lit candles must be “dripless” and must not be placed on piano, keyboards, sound boards, computers, or any other electrical device. Lit candles must be placed on a plate or in a holder.
10. There is to be no tobacco use of any kind inside church buildings. Minors are not allowed to use tobacco products at anytime anywhere.
11. Absolutes: There is to be no alcohol, illegal drugs, profanity, hunting, nor weapons of any kind (unless permitted by the state) on CC’s property.
12. Clean-up Requirements:
• KITCHEN AREAS: Spray and wipe off all counters with disinfectant and mop kitchen floor with the proper solution. DO NOT empty mop bucket in sink. Take to edge of paved parking and dump on gravel or grass south of parking lot.
• UTENSILS: Return kitchen utensils and other items used back to original place. Be sure they have been cleaned properly. • LINENS & TABLECLOTHS: DO NOT leave wet or dirty dish-towels on the sinks. Place wet items in the dirty laundry hamper. Bundle tablecloths and place next to laundry hamper. • REFRIGERATOR: DO NOT leave any trash or open containers on the counters or in the refrigerator. Take all trash to the dumpster in the parking lot next to the Community Center. BE SURE ALL trashcans have new liners.
• TABLES & CHAIRS: Spray and wipe off all tables and chairs with disinfectant.
• COFFEE/BEVERAGE BAR: Empty coffee and tea grounds in trash and rinse baskets. Rinse all coffee pots and tea dispensers. Spray and wipe off coffee counter and machines. Return pitchers, pots and dispensers to their proper location.
• BATHROOMS: Spray and wipe off all counters in bathrooms with disinfectant, Windex mirrors, flush all stools and urinals, and dust mop floors. If floors are soiled then wet mop.
• FOYER: Dust mop floor. Then spot mop or full mop if soiled.
• CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES: CC provides all cleaning supplies. We ask those who use our facilities alert us when supplies need to be replenished.
• OUTSIDE (DOORWAYS AND DRIVES): The user is required to check and pickup any cigarette butts or other debris within 30 feet of doorways associated your event.
13. A designated representative of CC will inspect the facilities used for cleanliness and physical damage. If the facilities are found in good order and all keys returned, the key and cleaning deposit will be returned. The decision as to cleanliness rests with the inspector, whose decision is final. Any clarification of expectations a Guest desires should be made prior to facility usage.
14. Any person or organization utilizing the facilities must expressly agree and consent as a condition of use to immediately paying CC upon demand for any and all damage to real and personal property at CC arising out of or resulting from use of the facilities, normal wear and tear excluded. Payment shall be made by certified check within 10 days of demand. CC will determine the cost of repairs by soliciting two local bids from professional or licensed tradesman, or by identifying a replacement value via a retailer.
15. Usage of the facilities is confined to the purpose originally agreed to and the person signing below states they will be present for the entire function and enforce the restrictions and assure compliance with the Use Agreement.
16. Guest acknowledges that Funerals have priority for use of church facilities. If the facility is needed for a funeral, you need to be prepared to have your event postponed or moved to another date, time or location.
17. Facility reservations are handled on a first come first come basis.
18. Any violation of these terms of use is grounds for immediate termination of the right to use the facilities and forfeiture of all fees and deposits. Any unsafe activities or conditions created by the user are grounds for immediate termination of the right to use the facilities.
19. HOLD HARMLESS: The undersigned, in consideration of being allowed to use the property and facilities of Community Church, in Guthrie OK, do agree to hold the said church, its agents, members and employees harmless from any damages or injuries resulting at any time, heretofore or hereafter, from the usage of said property and facilities.

By my/our signatures(s) below, I/we expressly accept and agree to the terms of use, conditions and the other provision stated herein and fully consent to be bound to the same. If signing on behalf of an organization I/we declare that I/we am/are fully authorized to act on behalf of and legally bind the organization on whose behalf we are signing.


Calendar Event Form for campus use. Please complete and submit for approval.